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Welcome to BigfootFanatics.com!

Operation Discovery

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“The most intense Bigfoot Research Documentary ever made!”

Produced by: Western Digital Productions
Research by: The Bigfoot Research Center

The Bigfoot Research Center attempt the once impossible! The arrange and monitoring of a remote camera system in the High Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest during a winter snow storm. WHY? You may ask… Simply put, “That is once they move” states the Director of the Bigfoot Research Center (bigfootresearchcenter . com). “Well, actually migrate. They appear to move quickly to lower elevations usually in the course of the evening probably to avoid detection.”

During this latest video release the BRC demonstrate the incredible adaptability of their secret weapon – The Cellular Field Surveillance System now upgraded with both audio vocalization and fragrance attractant broadcasting. The team feels they now posses the last word Bigfoot monitoring system. “Human presence and contamination has always been an actual problem with Bigfoot field research. I feel we have now eliminated 99% of that with this new system.” “After arrange we will monitor and run our stations from our base camp sometimes miles away,” states the Co-Director.

The cameras have also been beefed up for advert weather operation, a feature essential for one of these research. “Our new system was field tested during our Canada 2010 Expedition and performed well.” After a couple of equipment adjustments for all weather performance and a number of other upgrades for vocalizing and attracting, we feel we now have the last word Bigfoot research monitoring stations that operate in complete stealth without human contamination. This is the perfect chance so far at capturing Bigfoot activity day or night in a number of the most remote study sites located.

Video Synopsis:

The Bigfoot Research Center releases their 6th Sasquatch research documentary.

Join the BRC as they take you on 3 different research expeditions which include:
British Columbia Canada’s Cariboo Mountains (Expedition Notes)
Washington States Northern Cascade Mountains
Washington States Olympic Queets River Rainforest

The BRC organization has developed the research industries most advanced remote video and audio monitoring system. A system that was designed to be installed and operated anywhere using stealth and all weather mode capabilities. The Cellular Field Surveillance System provides both HD video and 5.1 Dolby audio recorded data day or night via cellular technology. The system involves multiple camera sites that even have the power to broadcast both vocalizations and fragrance attractants instantly and remotely with the push of a button from the team’s base camp miles away. Once in place this incredible system is able to operating without human presence and contamination.

This product is produced on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com’s standard return policy applies.